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  all plants, vegetables, flower, , fruit, lawn

Effects ]

saltish soil treatment
make best soil condition(supply oxygen in soil)
acid soil => PH 6.9 ~ 7.0
make a repeated cultivation
Promote growth(a high yield, early harvest)
Growing without agricultural chemicals.
Environment Agriculture

Pi-Water agricultural products brand: [Pi - Rice] _ "high quality "
<Pi-Rice Photo1 click!!> <Pi-Rice Photo2 click!!>
Weak plants cultivation patent [Japan : 特公平6 - 61183 ]
   pigs, poultry, chicken, cattle, milch cow...etc

[ Effects ]
promote growth 15~20%
reduce disease
reduce excretion smell
increase weight
improve fresh grade
increase feed efficiency(reduce feed cost)
increase laying eggs, increase times of laying eggs, improve egg grade (a hen)
reduce bacteria of milk , protect milk pus (a milking cow)

Pi-Water livestock products brand: [Pi - Chicken], [Pi - Egg] click!! _ "high quality "
  flatfish, prawn, eel, pearl -shell. fishery.

[ Effects ]
increase feed efficiency(reduce feed cost)
reduce the use of chemicals, .
increase weight
reduce disease
reduce fall dead(20~30%)
promote growth(20~50%)
water purification (improvement the quality of water)
  Agriculture, Livestock, Marine Applications [see a photos click!!]
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