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Concentrated Pi-Water (for Cosmetics)
  "Concentrated Pi-Water for Cosmetics" use high class(good quality) materials to make cosmetics.

1. Inhance living body cells function.

2. Helps restore damages of cells & tissues.

3. Promote adaptability and protection power.

4. Stop the virus and improve reinsurance.

5. Inhibit functions of harmful metal ions..

Pi Water is an antioxidizing agent, its inclusion to Pi Water Cosmetics helps preserve a youthful look.
Pi Water applied to cuts or burns on your body, you may see that they will heal quicker than usual.

Pi Water Cosmetics remove free radical and make your skin younger.
Pi Water is simillar living body water as vital your cells & tissues.
Pi Water helps restore damages of cells and tissues.
Pi Water Cosmetics enhance the nature healing power.
Pi Water is one of the smallest Cluster, penetrates well to depth of body. Give moisture to the cell.

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