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  WonYong Pi-Water Applications

■ Medical treatment & human health field applications
Cure a disease(change from abnormal condition to normal condition), maintaining and improving health condition
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate(V.O.W. Concentrate), WonYong Pi(π)-Water Ceramic Bag & Cartridge, WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, etc.

■ Drinking Water field applications
Make excellent drinking water
WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, WonYong Pi(π)-Water filter.

Water treatment field applications
Make excellent drinking water for industrial
(Application : office building, hospital, hotel, motel, restaurant, public bath, swimming pool, beverage / drinking water company, food processing plant, aquarium, dye house, water treatment company etc.)
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water System, Industrial Pi(π)-Water System, Large City Pi(π)-Water System.

Food / Food processing (Pi-Water Treatment) field applications
Improve food quality excellently, Prevent rottening of food.
# Food
freshness preservation
: WonYong Pi(
π)-Water Concentrate for food treatment, WonYong Pi(π)-Water System, Freshness preservation sheet-"Ceracist"

Cosmetics field applications
Restore damage of cells and tissues, Protect skin, Anti-Aging.
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water Cosmetics, Micro mist, Beauty mask pack etc.

Agriculture field applications
Promote growth, Make a repeated cultivation , Growing without agricultural medicines.
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for agriculture [Pi
(π) - Seed treatment, Pi(π) - Soil conditioner], Agriculture Growth Pi(π)-Water System : "Pi(π)-Rice" etc. Pi(π) - Pine activator.

Livestock field applications
If applied to pigs, chicken, poultry, cattle, milch cow...etc, pi-water ensures healthy growth.
Promote growth, Improve flesh(make best fresh; first grade), Breeding without medicines.
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water Concentrate for livestock, Pi(π)-Vaccine, Livestock Growth Pi(π)-Water System: "Pi-Chicken", "Pi-Egg" : the best flesh & taste.

Marine field applications
Promote growth, Drop disease, Water improvement
WonYong Pi(π)-Water Concentrate for marine, Fodder additives activator, Fishery
Growth Pi(π)-Water System: flatfish, prawn, eel, pearl -shell...raising, Live fish carry system

Environment field applications
Water improvement(Swimming pool, Bathhouse, Water tank),
Soil improvement(acid soil neutralization), remove harmfulness materials, Lake purification
WonYong Pi
(π)-Water System, Pi-Deodorant : (TARAMA Deodorant Ace A/B)

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